November 2010

touch me, treat me, love me, feed me ♥

6. november 2010 at 16:23 | Mishell |  gallery
Don't wanna run on your command, don't wanna keep on coming back, don't wanna swallow all your lies, wanna feel alive. Don't wanna hold on to your truth, don't wanna keep on lovin' you, don't wanna look through jaded eyes. Wanna feel alive. We are dogs unleashed (you and I), we are dogs unleashed (you and I). We are dogs unleashed, out of control, full of dreams, nobody knows. Unleashed, dyin' to escape, we don't wanna suffocate. We are dogs unleashed tonight, tonight. We gonna scratch, we gonna bite, we turn your game into a fight. We're howlin' to the moon at night. Tonight. We are dogs unleashed tonight. ♥