there are some nights that I cry myself to sleep

29. april 2012 at 15:39 | Mishell |  thinking about...

Because the night gives freedom to our thoughts. It is the time when you realize that things have changed. People have changed. Everything around you has changed. And it's not like you don't appreciate the things and people that are coming into your life now. You just wonder why all those good times had to pass. In everyone's life, there are moments they'd like to replay. We miss something. We miss it a lot. Doesn't matter if it's the afternoon when you were laughing with your best friend in your bedroom or that very special moment when you were standing in the queue in front of the concert hall. You want it back. Every little thing. Every tiny detail. It's in all of us. We keep recalling, retrieving, remembering. We can still sense the past. And the worst of it all is the awakening. The awareness of the fact that those moments will never come back again. Not the way they used to be. All these reflections are surfacing especially at night, while you're lying in your bed, failing to sleep. And that is pretty much what makes you cry. All the good times that already passed.

"All of the moments that already passed, we'll try to go back and make them last... And it's wonderful, and that's life. It's you and me. And we are."



1 Dew :-* Dew :-* | 10. may 2012 at 15:21 | React

Cely clanok = moja obcasna hystericka situacia. Velmi prvelmi mi chyba, tolko "veci", ktore sa nevratia. Ale, ostali aspon spomienky. Hoci, velmi rada, by som tolko toho vratila. Krasne casy, nech sa jedna o cokolvek. Ale, clovek dospieva, vsetko sa meni...

No vzdy, ked sa nam cnie, mozme sa k tym casom, vratit.

2 lenča5 lenča5 | Web | 27. may 2012 at 18:29 | React

Ahoj, chceš získat zadara lístky na Open Air Festival? Jukni na
a zúčastni se soutěže

3 BAARRCCAA BAARRCCAA | Web | 1. july 2012 at 15:49 | React

skoro denně to vidím úplně stejně.. :)

4 BAARRCCAA BAARRCCAA | Web | 2. july 2012 at 21:06 | React

ježiš, děkuju:*

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